The Return of Destiny's CX20 Slipper Misfit

Nearly two years have passed since this rare ship was available for purchase.

If you’re the sort of Destiny player determined to collect every single in-game item, you should drop whatever you’re doing and hop into the game because there’s currently a rare ship up for grabs that hasn’t been seen for over two years.

Currently offered by Amanda Holliday, the CX20 Slipper Misfit ship is one of the most coveted rare items for Destiny collectors. According to a new thread on the Destiny subreddit, the first time the CX20 Slipper Misfit was ever rotated into Destiny's buyable inventory was October 1st, 2014 (two weeks after the launch of vanilla Destiny). Once the ship was rotated out, it didn’t appear again until June 30th, 2015.

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After a drought lasting an astonishing 604 days, the CX20 Slipper Misfit has finally reemerged in Amanda Holliday’s inventory of buyable ships. If you're looking to add the CX20 Slipper Misfit to your growing Destiny collection, it can be yours for 10,681 Glimmer.

If you have the scratch to spare, purchasing this extremely rare Destiny ship is worth it just for the sentimentality alone. Furthermore, given its current track record of appearances, it probably won’t show up again before the launch of Destiny 2.

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