Destiny Player Earns PvP Double Kill With Every Exotic Weapon

It’s not as easy as you might think. 

Recently, a Destiny player decided to challenge themselves by earning a PvP double kill with every single Exotic tier weapon currently available in the game.

The endeavor took quite a while, though the player managed to edit the corresponding video down to an easy seven minutes for anyone looking to check out all the action. The player, who goes by the YouTube handle of ckur117, outlined the specific conditions of the challenge in a thread over on the Destiny subreddit.

In addition to scoring two quick kills in rapid succession with each weapon, ckur117 aimed to make the challenge even harder by ensuring they didn’t die after earning each double kill. Furthermore, they limited the double kills earned to public matches rather than custom games, etc. As you might imagine, the process was both lengthy and challenging.

You can check out the impressive final product from ckur117 down below:

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