Watch One Destiny Player Channel Zelda Ocarina of Time

Sometimes the sword is indeed mightier. 

Destiny players who also happened to play the classic Zelda title Ocarina of Time may remember the boss fights where the player had to use protagonist Link’s sword to play a deadly game of ping-pong with his enemy.

While the Destiny below clip isn’t exactly the same as that, it’s pretty darn close. Redditor Bakengangsta recently shared an interesting new clip to the Destiny subreddit in which a Hunter player heads into a PvP battle equipped with the Arc Edge sword and the Memory of Radegast Artifact from the game’s Rise of Iron expansion.

In case you don’t know, equipping the Memory of Radegast allows the player to reflect energy-based projectiles using their sword and the Hunter in the clip has clearly mastered that art (or is at least really lucky):

So remember, the next time you encounter a sword-wielding player in a PvP Destiny match, you may want to think twice before trying to take them out with a rocket launcher! 

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