Redeem These Bonus Codes For Special In-Game Destiny Items

Emblems, shaders, and Grimoire cards can be yours for next to no effort. 

What new and/or casual Destiny players may not know is that there’s a large selection of in-game items which can only be unlocked by submitting special codes on the Destiny website. Fortunately, one helpful Redditor decided to make a guide showing exactly how those items can be redeemed.

Popular Destiny Redditor RiseOfBacon posted a new guide over on the Destiny subreddit. In RiseOfBacon's post, they list various bonus items that are available, along with the codes to obtain them. In order to redeem a code, a Destiny player simply has to navigate to Bungie’s code redemption web page, log into their Destiny profile using the associated PSN/Xbox Live gamertag, then enter the code.

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There are about 30 codes in total. If you don’t want to manually enter them one by one, RiseOfBacon also provides a custom web script that let you enter them all at once. As an added bonus, RiseOfBacon also outlines the steps needed to unlock the missing class-specific Vanguard emblems which some players may not have.

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