Reddit PSA: Destiny's Lysander's Cry Sparrow is Still Obtainable

A surprisingly small amount of effort is needed. 

If you missed out on grabbing the new Lysander’s Cry sparrow during Destiny’s The Dawning event, worry not! Apparently, the sparrow is still obtainable, despite the fact that The Dawning has come to an end.

According to Redditor jhpadilla, if you travel to Destiny’s Bannerfall PvP map via the game’s private match feature and find the hidden Ghost on the lower part of the map (the usual requirement for getting Lysander’s Cry), you’ll unlock the sparrow despite the fact that The Dawning is no longer live. You won’t get Lysander’s Cry through the postmaster. Instead, it will become unlocked in the sparrow kiosk which is located near Amanda Holliday in the Tower.

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Unlocking the Lysander’s Cry sparrow will also grant access to the Lysander Grimoire card, just make sure you find the right Ghost while on Bannerfall (the map has two hidden Ghosts in total but only the lower one unlocks Lysander’s Cry).

While you’re out unlocking Lysander’s Cry, make sure you visit the Speaker as well since he’s currently offering some pretty awesome items for Titans and Hunters. For more Destiny Reddit news, be sure to check out this Redditor's SPRL trick jump end in disaster, and learn more about the Redditor who completed every available Destiny quest

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