Destiny Rise of Iron: Outbreak Prime Best Perks and Build Guide

How to get the best outcome for your Outbreak Prime!

Coming along with Bungie’s latest ARG, the new Wrath of the Machine Exotic Raid Pulse Rifle, the Outbreak Prime, has been unleashed on Destiny players. Thanks to the combined efforts of the Destiny community in a show of manpower and puzzle-solving that made the search for the Sleeper Simulant look pretty lackluster by comparison, Destiny players can now get theirs hands on the Outbreak Prime, provided they have a functional knowledge of binary systems and do some mental math on the fly. Getting hold of this weapon is complicated, but we can definitely help you work out how to get the most out of it once you do.

Outbreak Prime Base Stat Analysis

Rate of Fire - 73

Out of the gate, the Outbreak Prime is starting on a pretty high note, with a pretty impressive 73 for Rate of Fire, putting it at even footing with the Bad Juju, and both of them slightly ahead of the coveted No Time To Explain. This places the Outbreak Prime is a high rate of fire, low impact archetype, at first glance, which is soon to be confirmed. However, the Outbreak Prime may lose out slightly to both other Pulse Rifles, considering the fully automatic nature of both of them.

Impact - 7

Decidedly low, the Outbreak Prime has a rating of 7 for impact, once again putting it in line with the Bad Juju and cementing its place at a high rate of fire, low impact archetype. Despite this, we must once again remember that the Bad Juju and No Time To Explain have a deceptive DPS, as they can both be fired in full auto. However, the Outbreak Prime certainly has a few tricks up its sleeves.

Range - 36

For the archetype, once again the Outbreak Prime is somewhat typical, despite slightly outclassing the Bad Juju on this front with 36 to 33 on range. However, both get licked by the 51 of the No Time To Explain. Thankfully, if you really can’t stand the range on the Outbreak Prime, you can always boost it through perks.

Stability - 48

Unfortunately it seems the Outbreak Prime falls down a little here, with the 48 stability flagging behind both the Not Time To Explain and the Bad Juju, both sitting on 62 for their base stats. However, once again there’s the opportunity to boost the stats through perks, if you need to, but it will be at the expense of that range boost. Bear in mind though, as the Outbreak Prime isn’t full auto like the other two, this should be less of a deal breaker.

Reload - 76

Back on top, the Outbreak Prime has a hefty 76 for reload, making it faster than both the No Time To Explain and the Bad Juju, both on 65. However, this is once again pretty deceptive, as both the No Time To Explain and the Bad Juju have built-in perks that stop them from needing to reload at different times, so take these values with a pinch of salt.

Magazine - 33

Once again, the Outbreak Prime is technically the winner here, coming out ahead of both the Bad Juju’s 24 and the No Time To Explain’s 21. However, the reload perks we mentioned also mean that the ammo counters for these weapons can be off, meaning that they can potentially fire continuously. Still, this doesn’t change the fact that the Outbreak Prime is bringing some good numbers.

Base Stat Conclusion

While it may be difficult to quantify some of the stats of the Outbreak Prime when compared to its Exotic Pulse compadres, the Outbreak Prime is more than capable of standing on its own merits, with some solid stats across the board. The only shaky ground is the range, but this can be modified through perks, so it’s definitely not something to turn down thanks to this.

Outbreak Prime Perk Analysis

Exotic Perks


  • Precision kills release a SIVA nanite swarm that attacks other enemies.

An impressive start for the Outbreak Prime, the first of its Exotic perks, the Virulence, means that on precision kills, a Wolfpack Rounds-esque shower of homing SIVA nanites will latch to and damage any nearby targets. Considering that the Pulse Rifle is built for precision, this shouldn’t be hard to achieve, and makes the Outbreak Prime devastating for clearing a crowd.

The Corruption Spreads

  • Enemies that take repeated hits from this weapon spawn SIVA nanites that attack other enemies. Fallen take extra damage.

Working alongside Virulence, The Corruption Spreads takes things to the next level, adding additional damage and SIVA nanites simply for repeatedly hitting the same target a certain number of times, making short work of Strike bosses, and helping to decimate any adds and trash-mobs that come with them. Definitely a game changer.

Selectable Ballistics Perks – Accurized Ballistics/Smooth Ballistics/Smart Drift Control

The options here may seem somewhat shaky, making it difficult to decide on what to go with, but actually, the formula breaks down pretty simply. Both the range and stability to the Outbreak Prime need a little love, and the ballistics perks here will all boost one at the expense of another. However, further down the line, you can boost the other stat if needs be through your perk choice. Because of this, we recommend sticking to Accurized Ballistics for the range and impact boost for now.

Middle Perk – Outlaw

  • Precision kills with this weapon dramatically increase reload speed.

A great example of some solid perk synergy, the Outbreak Prime rolls with Outlaw, giving huge reload speed when getting a precision kill, which should be easy enough with a Pulse Rifle, and you should be aiming for thanks to the Virulence perk. This takes the already substantial reload speed and magnifies it massively.

Selectable Stat Perks – Fitted Stock/Lightweight/Hand Loaded

Immediately discount Lightweight. The benefit just isn’t high enough to warrant grabbing it. If you followed our advice about Accurized Ballistics, then you should be going with Fitted Stock here. However, if you need a range boost, you should be going with Hand Loaded to even the odds a little. Ultimately, this is all down to the choices you already made, so go with what’s best for you.


While not necessarily the best choice of Pulse Rifle for the Crucible, the Outbreak Prime is a solid and dependable weapon for some sustainable DPS and crowd clearing in PvE activities. With some great perk synergy, the Outbreak Prime functions almost like a handheld Gjallarhorn, capable of some fantastic feats of damage dealing and functionality. While the quest to get your hands on it can be somewhat arduous, the payoff is more than worth it. It might not be the best tool you can get, but it’s certainly earned it a 4/5 Exotic Engram score from us!

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