Wrath Of The Machine Easter Egg Revives Randal The Vandal

The most infamous Year One enemy is reborn in Rise of Iron's Wrath of the Machine.

Longtime Destiny players might remember a particular enemy from the game’s early launch days who was a right pain in the butt to deal with. A bug in the game’s code granted a certain level 8 Reaver Vandal (a slightly tougher yet still easily manageable variant of the standard Fallen Vandal) abnormally high levels of damage output and health, and players who tried to tussle with this unnaturally strong Vandal eventually gave it the name “Randal the Vandal.” Now, Bungie has worked a clever reference to good old Randal into Destiny’s latest raid, Wrath of the Machine.

Within the Wrath of the Machine raid’s Server Farm area, players have a chance of encountering a Devil Splicer with an abnormally high amount of hitpoints (which is a lot considering how much HP standard raid-tier enemies already have). The Splicer’s name? Rahndal the Perfected. YouTubers like AsPeCt4392 quickly recognized the slightly changed wording of the familiar foe’s name when they encountered him in their own run-through of Wrath of the Machine.

Sadly, Bungie eventually fixed the original Randal, who was our favorite glitch in Destiny history, so that he now spawns as just another ordinary Reaver Vandal, but it’s nice to see the studio honoring one of Destiny’s oldest fan nicknames through its newest raid.

For more on Destiny’s new Wrath of the Machine raid, be sure to check out our coverage of how little time it took for the raid to be conquered, as well as the raid’s official launch trailer.

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