Destiny: Rise of Iron - Best Vanguard Vendor Rolls - Guide

Not sure which weapons to pick up from the Vanguard? We’ve got it covered!

New shiny gear abounds in the world of Destiny, and some of it is confusing stuff. With such an overabundance of brand new gear to get our hands on, we don’t blame you if you’re sweating a bit at what you should be choosing. Thankfully, that’s where we come in. Let’s take a look at all the Vanguard Vendor rolls for Rise of Iron to help you pick the best you can get!

The Continental – Auto Rifle

Perk 1: Red Dot-ORA/SteadyHand IS/OEG

Perk 2: Focus Fire/Eye of the Storm

Perk 3: Perfect Balance/Rifled Barrel

Perk 4: Hidden Hand

Another fantastic Vendor Auto Rifle, The Continental fits more into the high rate of fire, low impact archetype than its Crucible counterpart. The range leaves a little to be desired, but both stability and reload are solid, complemented by a hefty magazine size. It should be immediately evident that the perks here are solid. If the weapon archetype bothers you, then Focus Fire is the best choice by far, delivering extra damage and a lower rate of fire. Following this up, it’s your choice. If the recoil bothers you, go with Perfect Balance, but The Continental’s range could do with some love, so instead we recommend Rifled Barrel. Rounding it out is Hidden Hand, not typically a great choice on an Auto Rifle, but welcome nonetheless. Definitely a good weapon to pick up.

Parthian Shot – Pulse Rifle

Perk 1: Red Dot-ORA2/SteadyHand IS/OEG

Perk 2: Rodeo/Life Support

Perk 3: Perfect Balance/Rifled Barrel

Perk 4: Headseeker

Yet another fantastic roll, the Parthian Shot has a fantastic array of perks and stats. A middling rate of fire coupled with a good impact mean that the Parthian Shot packs a punch, while also providing decent range, stability and reload speed, as well as sporting a good magazine size. For your first perk, Rodeo is the only real option compared with Life Support. For the second slot, the choice is yours, with both options being viable; choose Perfect Balance for even more stability, go with Rifled Barrel if you’d prefer the range. Lastly, we have Headseeker, one of the best perks available on a Pulse Rifle. Definitely pick up the Parthian Shot.

Angel’s Advocate – Scout Rifle

Perk 1: Red Dot-ORA2/Ranged Lens RLR5/OEG Riflescope

Perk 2: Outlaw/Take A Knee

Perk 3: Smallbore/Explosive Rounds

Perk 4: Reactive Reload

Running more or less even on rate of fire and impact, the Angel’s Advocate hits pretty hard, and does it pretty speedily too, and at great ranges with decent stability. Topping it off, the Angel’s Advocate has fantastic reload. Adding to that, we recommend rolling with Outlaw over Take A Knee, boosting that reload even further. Next up, Smallbore is a valid choice for Crucible, but if you’re going PvE, or just feeling like you don’t want to take the hit to the magazine numbers, go with Explosive Rounds. Finishing up is Reactive Reload, granting bonus damage after a kill, which couples ridiculously well with Outlaw. Yet another must-have weapon.

How Dare You – Hand Cannon

Perk 1: SteadyHand IS/Fastdraw IS/Quickdraw IS

Perk 2: Mulligan/Icarus

Perk 3: Hammer Forged/Explosive Rounds

Perk 4: Luck in the Chamber

A bit of an odd one, the How Dare You has a mixture of great and ‘meh’ perks, but let’s start with the stats. A reasonably decent rate of fire for a Hand Cannon is coupled with a reduced impact. Unfortunately, range is also pretty underwhelming here, but the stability is a little better, followed by an average reload. First up, there’s not really a “good” choice between Mulligan and Icarus, but we’d rather choose Mulligan. If you’re an avid Crucible player, Icarus might be more your thing. Next up, we recommend Hammer Forged to get a little boost to that range, but Explosive Rounds is viable in PvE. Lastly we have fan-favorite Luck in the Chamber, giving you a lucky bullet dealing extra damage. Not a bad roll overall, but also far from god-tier.

Ex Astris - Fusion Rifle

Perk 1: MD-Reflex/Red Dot-ORA/OEG

Perk 2: Kneepads/Underdog

Perk 3: Smallbore/Snapshot

Perk 4: Hot Swap

Compared to the Crucible Each New Day Fusion Rifle, the Ex Astris is lacking a little in impact, but makes up for it in charge rate, however, this is still a Fusion Rifle, which still means some pretty hefty bruteforce. Range and stability are both also pretty decent, and are complemented by a great reload speed. First choice of perks is underwhelming, but we would recommend Underdog over Kneepads as good insurance. On top of this, we would definitely go with Smallbore over Snapshot for the boost to range and stability, as the Ex Astris can afford to lose a little reload. Wrapping it up is Hot Swap, giving you bonus accuracy, which is never a bad thing. With just one perk that’s a little off, we would definitely recommend the Ex Astris.

Teacup Tempest – Sidearm

Perk 1: SteadyHand IS/Sureshot IS/Quickdraw IS

Perk 2: Zen Moment/Army Of One

Perk 3: Fitted Stock/High Caliber Rounds

Perk 4: Reactive Reload

As opposed to the Anton’s Rule, the Teacup Tempest has less of a rate of fire, but more impact (at least by Sidearm standards). The range is average, but the stability and reload are pretty impressive. Adding to this, we recommend going with Zen Moment for even more stability, and because it’s more consistent than Army of One. For laser-like precision, we also recommend going with Fitted Stock too. Finish the line-up is Reactive Reload to help boost that stability further. Definitely a nifty little Sidearm that we recommend.

Occam’s Razor – Shotgun

Perk 1: Smart Drift Control/Accurized Ballistics/Soft Ballistics

Perk 2: Close and/or Personal/Kneepads

Perk 3: Hammer Forged/Quickdraw

Perk 4: Final Round

Immediately we’re going to advise you ignore this shotgun. While some of the perks are pretty decent, the stats aren’t. Rate of fire is fine, as is impact, but the range is pitiful, and even with perks it doesn’t get much better. Start with Accurized Ballistics for a boost to both range and impact at the expense of stability, and follow it with your choice of Close And/Or Personal or Kneepads (we prefer Close And/Or Personal, but if you’re a slide-shotgunner, Kneepads is a great option). After this, Hammer Forged if your best bet for the range. Final Round is this weapon’s saving grace, giving a huge boost to damage for the last shot of the magazine. Not the worst weapon you could get, but probably best avoided in favor of something else.

Seventh Sense – Sniper Rifle

Perk 1: Wildhawk SLS20/Viewtac SLH20/Ambush SLH25

Perk 2: Grenadier/Spray and Play

Perk 3: Quickdraw/Snapshot

Perk 4: Firefly

While it can’t quite match its Crucible counterpart, the Seventh Sense is a solid sniper in its own right, with decent rate of fire, coupled with lowish impact, good range and stability and a handy reload speed. Your choice of scope is up to you, but we recommend following it with Spray and Play to help get more shots in the air. Between Quickdraw and Snapshot it’s part coin flip, part personal preference, but we tend to prefer Snapshot. Finishing up is Firefly, a great perk for PvE, but with humorous possibilities in the Crucible too. A decent sniper, but go with the Crucible one instead.

Bonekruscher – Machine Gun

Perk 1: Aggressive Ballistics/Linear Compensator/Field Choke

Perk 2: Feeding Frenzy/Spray and Play

Perk 3: Hand-Laid Stock/Quickdraw

Perk 4: Crowd Control

Huge impact with a great rate of fire, the Bonekruscher is impressive. Following this is some average range, but awful stability (which we can thankfully buff), and poor reload speed. Straight away, we say go with Linear Compensator for the buffed range and stability, followed by your choice of Feeding Frenzy or Spray and Play (both affect reload, but we prefer Feeding Frenzy). Follow this up with Hand-Laid Stock to really get the most out of the stability. Finally we have Crowd Control, working to improve your damage output further, and acting nicely alongside Feeding Frenzy. The Bonekruscher is a weapon we certainly think you should get your hands on.

Disassembly Required – Rocket Launcher

Perk 1: Aggressive Launch/Linear Compensator/Hard Launch

Perk 2: Spray and Play/Danger Close

Perk 3: Snapshot/Field Scout

Perk 4: Tripod

Similar to the Crucible Vendor’s “Something Wicked”, we have a mixed bag here. The blast radius is solid, but the velocity of the Disassembly Required is lacking. As such, we definitely recommend going with Linear Compensator or Hard Launch to give it a little boost (Hard Launch is preferable). Following this, go with Spray and Play – Rocket Launchers have pretty poor reload speed, and you don’t want to be close enough to an enemy for Danger Close to proc on a Rocket Launcher. Next up go with Field Scout for the extra ammo and because Snapshot just isn’t that great on a Rocket Launcher. Lastly is Tripod, which can definitely be useful to lay down some great fire. Not a bad launcher, but not necessarily the best out there.

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