Astrocyte Verse Exotic Warlock Helmet Review

Is the Astrocyte Verse a Warlock’s new best friend?  

The Astrocyte Verse helmet has been eagerly awaited for a long time now, since it was initially found in the Armory around the time of The Taken King’s Release. With Rise of Iron launching, we finally got our heads inside the Astrocyte Verse. It is a stunning exotic which really encapsulates what it means to deal out destructive space magic, Warlock style.

Stat Analysis

The Astrocyte Verse has a strong bias towards Strength builds. Strength is a 100% stat outcome from any roll of the Astrocyte Verse – any roll you get will have at least some Strength in there. The other bias comes from Discipline. This means that you are very unlikely to achieve a Strength/Intellect roll.

The perks for selection regarding stats are as follows:

Pool 1: Strength/Strength/Strength

Pool 2: Discipline/Discipline/Intellect

As you can see, the chances of a Strength/Intellect roll are 1/3. A strength build means that you will want to be getting up close and personal to all of your enemies, hitting them with whatever melee ability you have. This can put you at risk, especially in PvP, of a quick and untimely death. Make sure to hit things with caution!

Primary Perks

Exotic Perk - Move To Survive – The Astrocyte Verse’s Exotic perk grants an increase to Recovery after Blinking. Now obviously, this perk requires Blink to be active to work properly. It is going to be incredibly useful for both PvE and PvP situations. Your health will regenerate faster after blinking, meaning that you can retreat to safety and get back in the action faster, as well as avoid death more often.

Orb Buff Perk - Innervation/Invigoration/Better Already/Infusion – One of these perks will be available, and the last two are the least situational. When picking up an orb with Better Already, your shields will immediately begin recovery. Couple this with Move to Survive, and the Astrocyte Verse becomes a Recovery-stat machine! You’ll be regenning faster than ever before.

Minions of the Darkness Buff – Selectable Perk You will have a choice from two perks here. Most of these affect killing minions of the darkness – which are any enemy in PvE. They are chosen from the following pools:

Pool 1: Inverse Shadow/Ashes to Assets/Hands On

Pool 2: Second Thoughts/Heavy Lifting

Inverse Shadow is absolutely the best choice here. Bonus super energy will be gained no matter how you slay your enemies. Ashes to Assets is another fine choice. Hands On, Second Thoughts, and Heavy Lifting are all too situational and restrict your gameplay too much to be viable perks.


We can’t help but feel that the Astrocyte Verse will be invaluable in PvP, especially when at low health and retreating from enemy fire. In PvE it can also be incredibly effective, with the right Minions of the Darkness buff perk it could really help you on your way to your Super. Astrocyte Verse is incredibly beautiful and probably one of the best exotics out there for Destiny fashionistas! For these reasons, the Astrocyte Verse earns 4 out of 5 engrams. Be sure to pick this up in any way you can!

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