Destiny Armsday Orders Guide – September 14

Check out the final batch of Armsday Weapons before Rise of Iron.

Yesterday was the final reset of The Taken King which means that today is the final Armsday before Rise of Iron releases on September 20th. The Gunsmith has been keeping us fully stocked and armed with great legendary weapons for over a year, we can’t wait to see what happens to the Armsday system with Rise of Iron, but for now let’s find out the weapon orders from last week that you should be picking up!

Zarinaea-D (Häkke Auto Rifle)

The Zarinaea-D boasts a Rate of Fire of 88, putting it in the mid-rate of fire, mid-impact archetype. I’m a sucker for Relentless Tracker as a perk, it’s invaluable in PvE. Roll 3 is probably the best roll, but don’t kid yourself into thinking that any of these are remotely viable in any endgame encounters or Crucible action. If you’re just messing about on patrol or gathering materials, Roll 3 will do you just fine.

  • Roll 1: SC Holo/LC Ranged - Last Resort - Focused Fire - Single Point Sling/Hand Loaded/Rifled Barrel
  • Roll 2: GB Iron/LD Watchdog - Relentless Tracker - Spray and Play - Single Point Sling/Speed Reload/Rifled Barrel
  • Roll 3: SC Holo/SD Thermal - Relentless Tracker - Focused Fire - Single Point Sling/Fitted Stock/Rifled Barrel

ARI-45 (SUROS Auto Rifle)  

The slow firing, hard hitting ARI-45 isn’t considered to be part of the game’s meta, however this doesn’t mean that it can’t be competitive, with the right roll, of course. The main thing we are looking for in a roll for a weapon like this is to increase the Stability as much as possible so that all the hard hitting shots are landing. Roll 3 is perfect for this, Smallbore will really help out.

  • Roll 1: SLO-19/SPO-28/SRO-41 - Perfect Balance/Appended Magazine - Single Point Sling/Smallbore - Glass Half Full
  • Roll 2: SLO-12/SPO-26/SRO-37 - Fitted Stock/Oiled Frame - Snapshot/Hand Laid Stock - Hidden Hand
  • Roll 3: SLO-12/SPO-26/SRO-37 - High Caliber Rounds/Casket Mag - Snapshot/Smallbore - Outlaw

PDX-41(SUROS Pulse Rifle)

The lesser-loved of the SUROS PDX brothers, the PDX-41 has a slower Rate of Fire but double the Impact of the PDX-45. The combination of the SPO-28 which will grant an Aim Assist boost, Perfect Balance, and Smallbore means that Roll 3’s Recoil should approach zero.

The Range boost granted by Smallbore means you’ll be more effective at the mid-long ranges although don’t engage from too far away. The slower Rate of Fire means you may not be able to kill an enemy reliably before they run around a corner, so Partial Refund will be great for when you get Assists.

  • Roll 1: SLO-12/SPO-28/SPO-57 - Fitted Stock / Feather Mag - Secret Round - Lightweight/Reinforced Barrel
  • Roll 2: SLO-12/SPO-28/SRO-41 - Hammer Forged/Feather Mag - Secret Round - Speed Reload/Hand-Laid Stock
  • Roll 3: SLO-12/SPO-28/SPO-57 - Perfect Balance/Appended Mag - Partial Refund - Speed Reload/Smallbore

PDX-45 (SUROS Pulse Rifle)  

The universally adored SUROS PDX-45 is a High Rate-of-Fire low impact Pulse Rifle that is perfect for the Crucible, PvE, anything. Unfortunately these rolls aren’t the best that you’ll see for this weapon, however Roll 2 is best if you’re desperate to get your hands on a PDX-45. The Lightweight perk will add some spring to your step and Hammer Forged increases the Range of the weapon. Ideally, there would be some range and stability boosting perks.

  • Roll 1: SLO-19/SPO-26/SPO-57 - High Caliber Rounds/Feather Mag - Headseeker - Lightweight/Reinforced Barrel Roll
  • Roll 2: SLO-19/SPO-26/SPO-57 - Hammer Forged/Appended Magazine - Partial Refund - Lightweight/Hand-Laid Stock
  • Roll 3: SLO-19/SPO-28/SRO-41 - High Caliber Rounds/Feather Mag - Zen Moment - Single Point Sling/Reinforced Barrel

Aoife Rua-D (Häkke Sniper Rifle)

The Sniper Rifle meta is changing with Bungie’s latest batch of weapon tweaks, leaving thousands looking for the next big thing. The Aoife Rua-D might be in high demand in the coming weeks due to its ability to act as a hard hitting long distance Scout Rifle. Roll 1 is pretty much the best you’re going to get. Counterbalance improves the direction of recoil massively, coupled with Braced Frame means that there will be virtually zero recoil allowing you to fire off a follow up shot quickly and accurately.

  • Roll 1: ATA Scout/ATD Raptor - Counterbalance - Feeding Frenzy - Explosive Rounds/Armor Piercing Rounds/Braced Frame
  • Roll 2: ATA Scout/ATD Raptor - Unflinching - Guerrilla Fighter - Explosive Rounds/Armor Piercing Rounds/Braced Frame
  • Roll 3: ATB Long Range/ATD Raptor - Counterbalance - Feeding Frenzy - High Caliber Rounds/Snapshot/Braced Frame

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