Nightfall Guide September 13th: Dust Palace – How to Beat the Psion Flayers

We return back to Mars for this week’s Destiny Nightfall strike and take on the Psion Flayers. 

Formerly a PlayStation Exclusive Strike, after the release of The Taken King all Destiny players have been able to ascend to the top of the Dust Palace to take on the pesky trio of Psion Flayers in regular Strikes and Nightfall rotations. Certainly an interesting Strike, considering the necessity of having to juggle three bosses at once, it’s a Strike mostly prized by Hunter subclass for the chance to get their hands on the Psion Flayer’s Mantle Cloak. With the thought of loot in our heads, let’s see what we need to do to get our hands on it.


  • Heavily shielded and highly aggressive enemies appear in greater numbers.

An old friend by this point, the Epic modifier is present on every Nightfall Strike and isn’t anywhere near as intimidating as it sounds. You will have to face more enemies than on the usual variant of the Strike, and they will push you quite aggressively. This isn’t particularly hard for you to handle, but keep in might too that these enemies will be “heavily shielded” making them more resistant to everything but the Elemental Damage their shield matches so be sure to pair Solar to Solar, Void to Void, Arc to Arc etc. However, with Void Burn active you could always simply brute-force your way through these shields easily enough.

Void Burn

  • Void damage from any source is greatly increased.

Once again we’re looking at Void Burn here. Many players will rejoice at the thought of once again tearing through their enemies with their Void weapons and subclasses, and we’re certainly with them on that. Burn Nightfalls are some of the most fun you can run in Destiny, so be sure to equip your best Void Heavies and Specials to deal the most potential damage. You should remember to aware of Trickle is also being active, so you can’t rely on abilities. Also, Void Burn cuts both ways.

While you get to deal massively increased damage, so do any opponents with Void-based weaponry. This is especially important if you end up with a variant of the Strike full of Vex, as both Minotaurs and Cyclopes can deal huge Void damage, potentially cutting you down at rapid speeds. With this in mind, we also recommend that you take down the Void Psion Flayer first for a much safer fight at the end of the Strike.


  • Guardian melee damage is greatly increased.

Much more like it, this time around we have a Modifier all for ourselves. Rather than increasing the melee damage from all sources like a Burn would, Brawler increases only our Guardian’s melee damage, allowing for some pretty spectacular right-hooks. However, you are playing a Nightfall, so try to be realistic here – you’re not going to want to charge in face-first and start swinging punches. Instead, consider your super-powered melee as a last resort if you’re being hemmed in.

Bear in mind too that with a combination of Brawler and Void Burn active, if you’re using a Void-based subclass you will be able to deal some hefty damage, but keep in mind that Trickle is active, so this won’t happen too often. Also keep in mind that Psions (and by extension, the Psion Flayers) have a pretty powerful melee attack of their own, so try not to go toe to toe with them.

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  • Players take more damage while airborne.

Things could all go our way. Between Grounded and Trickle, the next two Modifiers suck pretty bad. For us, Grounded is one of the most irritating Modifiers for Bungie to ever force on us. Effectively, while in the air, you will take massively increased damage. Considering the necessity of mobility in Destiny, allowing you to jetpack, double-jump and glide, the fact that Bungie would implement something that completely cripples the movement options that they themselves gave us is a confusing choice to us.

This means it will be necessary to use cover to the best of your advantage, as you won’t be able to take to the skies to escape a nasty situation. Be especially careful during the Psion Flayers boss fight, as you can be swarmed by enemies from all directions, and over multiple levels, so try not to jump around if you want to live.


  • Recharge of abilities is significantly reduced.

The Modifier most hated by the Destiny community, Trickle is an infuriating, frustrating and unnecessary addition to Destiny. Trickle simply means that your melee, grenade and Super ability recharge at a glacially slow pace. One again, we cannot understand why Bungie would give us these playing options, and then cripple our ability to use them. 

This means that you can’t use your grenade to wipeout a group of closing enemies, you can’t melee everything to get a bonus, and you won’t be able to use your Super often for its intended purpose, whether it’s offensive, defensive or supportive. Your best bet is to try to save these abilities for when you need them most, but this kind of playable frugality is frustrating for all.

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