Activision Announces Destiny: The Collection

Get up to speed for Rise of Iron this September.

After recent rumors and leaks suggested that Bungie would be releasing a collected version of Destiny and all of its expansions (including the upcoming Rise of Iron), Activision and Bungie have now officially confirmed that Destiny: The Collection is indeed real.

Destiny: The Collection will include the base Destiny experience and all four of its expansions which include the currently available The Dark Below, House of Wolves, and The Taken King as well as next month’s Rise of Iron. The Collection will be available on the same day as the standalone version of Rise of Iron (September 20) and will retail for $59.99, but pre-purchasing will give you access to all non-Rise of Iron content right away.. Those who pre-order Destiny: The Collection will receive the same pre-order bonuses as those who pre-order Rise of Iron by itself, namely, the ‘Iron Gjallarhorn’ Exotic Rocket Launcher and the ‘Iron Gjallarwing’ Sparrow vehicle.

Bungie paired the announcement of Destiny: The Collection with the above trailer which shows off The Collection’s contents and also includes new footage from Rise of Iron. A brief tease at the end of the trailer confirms that, in addition to SIVA-corrupted Fallen, players will also have to contend with a SIVA-corrupted Hive Ogre, likely as the final boss in Rise of Iron’s new Wretched Eye strike.

For more on Destiny’s Rise of Iron expansion, be sure to read our coverage of the most recent batch of major gameplay details and our answer to the question of whether players will be able to take their Year 2 weapons into the expansion’s new content.

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