Feel The Rise of Iron Hype Via This Week's Iron Banner

Legendary weapons and armor are both up for grabs in this week’s Iron Banner event. 

Destiny’s Iron Banner PvP event is returning for yet another week-long visit starting tomorrow, and this iteration of the event will be particularly exciting because it will undoubtedly be one of the last before next month’s release of the game’s Rise of Iron expansion.

This week’s Iron Banner officially kicks off tomorrow, August 16th, at 12pm PST (3pm EST) and will run until next Tuesday, August 23rd at 2am PST (5am EST). As with previous Iron Banner events, participants will be able to earn rewards both as post-match drops and via Lord Saladin’s vendor offerings by progressing through the event’s rank standings.

Rewards on offer include armor pieces such as chest armor and helmets, as well as the Iron Banner-exclusive Legendary weapons Finnala’s Peril (a Legendary Hand Cannon) and Deidris’s Retort (a Legendary Shotgun).

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