Destiny: Trials of Osiris Map – Rusted Lands Tips and Tricks Guide August 5th

Everything you need to know about this week’s Trials of Osiris map, Rusted Lands.

Often considered to be one of Destiny’s best maps, Rusted Lands is the dilapidated Crucible battle site found in Destiny’s Eastern Flood Zone, complete with rubble-strewn buildings and rusted metal (surprise, surprise) to finish off the aesthetic. A completely asymmetrical map, Rusted Lands affords a wealth of tactical options, flanking routes and height advantages which makes combat frenetic, frantic, and often brief.

With this week’s Trials of Osiris being all about Rusted Lands, we’re taking a look at what works best in our tips and tricks guide!

The Map – Rusted Lands

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Considering the asymmetrical nature of this map, sometimes callouts and strategies can be difficult to formulate. Thankfully, we’re going to be using Reddit user OrionTheTitan’s callout map for Rusted Lands to help you work out when you’re looking at. Key areas for combat tend to be the more outdoor, open spaces (likely due to sniper fire), so we’re looking at Water Tower/Bottom Field/C Yard as one area for combat, the areas around B Control point/Top Field as another, and then the other things you really need to look out for.

One thing most players will need to be especially wary of is that opponents spawn virtually facing each other. This is why the Water Tower/Bottom Field/C Yard combat zone can often be one of the most frenzied locations in the match – it’s not uncommon for all combat in a round to take place with both teams struggling over this lane, pushing and rushing at each other, or simply sniping away. If you’re a confident sniper, feel free to challenge this lane from either spawn, but don’t commit to it wholeheartedly if you can help it, as it can be particularly messy.

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Regardless, ranged combat is a big factor here, so have snipers take up the best possible lines of sight, and have your close-range players either flank through B Control point or Tunnel, and anyone who wants to rush, be sure to make use of cover around the bottom of C Control point and surrounding areas. If you’re not a team of strong range specialists, you will likely choose the next most common route, heading straight through to A Control point from Alpha, and B point from Bravo. While this can reduce sightlines and boost cover, you leave yourself exposed to a flank from either side if your opponents don’t match you completely, so make sure you’re situationally aware here.

If Bravo team is planning to use this idea, make the most of your corners and the cover provided by Broken at B. For team Alpha, your best bet is to try a flank on B Control point if the enemy has dug in, as attacking from Top Field and/or the Tank means that you’re forsaking cover. If you’re not the flanking type, make the most of A Control point for cover – just be mindful that the Overtime capture zone spawns nearer to Bravo spawn, so try to not let your opponent get too entrenched. While these may be some of the cleanest combat areas, things can get messy on Rusted Lands.

If you’re spawning at Alpha and no one challenges you at Bottom Field, be sure to push around to Bravo’s spawn and through to B Control point, or risk being left very exposed to fire from Top Field. Similarly, if you spawn at Bravo and find your opponents won’t challenge early, don’t be afraid to try to flank, but be wary as A Control point is heavily covered. Instead, you are better off moving to B point and digging in until the clock runs down.

Rusted Lands Weapons Breakdown

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Close Quarters

Close quarter combat can be a bit of an issue on a map like Rusted Lands. While Shotguns are pretty powerful in the current meta, the main issue is that there’s simply not a lot of real close-quarter combat zones. Flanking, pressuring and rushing are your best tactics here to ensure that you make the most out of close range.

You need to coordinate and communicate very well on Rusted Lands in order to pull off decent flanks, as it can be easy for the opponent to cover multiple flanking routes from one position (from the Halfpipe and A Special you can see Bottom Field, Tunnel and B Path exit). Have your teammates play distraction and make sure they call out when they can see an enemy to keep you in the know. As usual, the Universal Remote and The Last Word will likely be dominant forces, but don’t underestimate other close-quarters weapons such as Hand Cannons and Auto Rifles.


This is likely where you will find the majority of combat taking place on Rusted Lands. While Pulse Rifles and Scout Rifles are designed for this range, you’ll likely still find it’s dominated by twitch-snipers popping headshots off left and right. If you’re a decent sniper yourself, you’ll likely enjoy this week tremendously.

However, if you’re determined to stick with Pulse and Scout Rifles, we advise making use of whatever cover you can to ensure you don’t get immediately popped in the head. Keep mobile and keep your enemy guessing. If you peek out from the same bit of cover again and again, you’re painting a target on yourself. Keep to the areas surrounding B Control point to keep the distance to mid-range and where you want it.

Long Range

While there strictly isn’t much by way of long range combat, the mid-range and above lanes like Water Tower to Bravo Beach, and Top Field to Bottom Field, will likely be watched closely by snipers from both teams looking to score a few easy kills. If this counter-sniper mentality is your game, go right on ahead. However, if you’re using a Scout Rifle, you can make great use of the cover found on the Bravo side of the map to harass enemy snipers. Just be careful to avoid getting shot!

Good luck out there, Guardians! Hopefully we’ll see you at the Lighthouse.

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