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We give you a list of the most common Error Codes in Destiny and how to fix them. 

Destiny Bull Error

The Bull error code means that a different account has been signed in mid-game. Exit Destiny and relaunch it to fix the problem.

Destiny Buzzard Error

A Buzzard error code indicates that a PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live Gold account is required to play the selected activity. Go get yourself a membership to keep playing!

Destiny Buck/Camel Error

A Buck or Camel problem is similar to Beagle/Blackbird/Chipmunk/Lime. Try the activity again, then again after resetting Destiny if it doesn’t work the first time. If the error codes continue to appear you may need to remove and reinstall Destiny. Unfortunately, if the problems continue even after doing that, it could be an issue with your hardware.

Destiny Canary Error

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Canary error means that Destiny cannot detect an internet connection. Bungie’s solution to this is to do a hard reset on Destiny, the console, and your router setup. Unplug everything, turn it all off, wait a few moments, and then set it all back up.

Destiny Caribou Error

Caribou error means the Parental Controls are keeping you from accessing the game. Head to your preferred console manufacturer’s website to find ways to deal with this problem in the event you’re of legal age.

Destiny Carp Error

Carp error means that you were hanging around in the game doing nothing for too long. Get back in and keep fighting!

Destiny Cat Error

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Cat error means that an update is available. Quit Destiny and install the update.

Destiny Catfish Error

Catfish error means you need to accept the End User Licence Agreement before you can play.

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