How to Fix Destiny Error Codes

We give you a list of the most common Error Codes in Destiny and how to fix them. 

No, you’re not eating a fruit salad or visiting a zoo, you’re experiencing one of Destiny’s classic animal or fruit-related error codes. Here’s a list of the most common error codes in Destiny and how to fix them!

Destiny Baboon Error

The Baboon error is related to packet loss. Bungie recommends switching from WiFi to a wired connection, but if this doesn’t fix the issue you will need to force quit Destiny. To do this you will need to use your console’s controller to select the Destiny application and Quit or Close the game.

Destiny Banjo Error

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Banjo error means you are having difficulty maintaining your connection with the Destiny matchmaking servers or you have logged out of your Profile while Destiny is running. If the Banjo error persists, Bungie suggests removing and re-adding your Profile. But before you do that, ensure you backup your console saves.

Destiny Beagle/Blackbird/Chipmunk/Lime Error

For Beagle, Bungie recommends attempting the activity again and if the error reoccurs, exit Destiny and relaunch the game. If after trying all other troubleshooting methods and the problem still persists, Bungie suggests deleting and reinstalling Destiny.

Destiny Beaver/Flatworm/Leopard Error

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These three errors (Beaver, Flatworm, and Leopard), occur when your console fails to connect to another console over the internet. There can be a whole host of problems attributed to this error such as faulty home wiring and poor WiFi setups. Bungie suggests ensuring your NAT settings are set to Open.

Destiny Bee/Fly/Lion Error

Bee, Fly, and Lion errors occur whenever there is too much strain on your bandwidth. Bungie recommends limiting the amount of bandwidth intensive programs that use the internet. Though sometimes these issues can be ISP related and resolve themselves in time.

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