10 Top Secret Items Hidden In The Destiny Database

Hidden deep in the database code are 10 secret items that almost existed in Destiny. 

There’s always been a lot of items in Destiny, some of them stick around for the long haul like Motes of Light ,while others disappear after a short time, Commendations anyone? But there are some that were designed and put into the code and ever made it into the actual game.

Here are 10 secret items hidden within Destiny that you never knew almost existed!

10. Heuristic Light

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The first item you may not have realized was almost included in Destiny is one by the name of Heuristic Light. This little Consumable was going to reward you with an additional Moldering Shard whenever you defeated a boss in the King’s Fall Raid. Because you definitely wanted to receive more Moldering Shards instead of that 335 Light weapon didn’t you?

9. Indomitable Light

The Indomitable Light was another item that Bungie considered adding to Destiny. This Consumable would have increased the chances of you receiving a weapon or piece of armor the next time you defeated a boss in the King’s Fall Raid. The Indomitable Light certainly would have been nice, especially in the lead up to the Hard Mode raid.

7. The Dawning

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Things start getting a bit more mysterious when you consider that this note called, The Dawning, was going to be included in Destiny. This beautifully gilded letter would be available from nearly all Vendors in the Tower. The flavor text read, “A note about The Dawning from Cayde-6”, though the Vendor’s name would change depending on who gave it to you. We can only guess what this is in relation to, as The Dawning note is still not in the game. But if we had to take a gamble, “The Dawning” sounds like something Osiris would be behind.


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