5 Voice Actors Sexier Than Their Destiny Characters

Ever wondered how Destiny’s characters compare to their Voice Actors?

As many players will know, Destiny launched with a ludicrously high budget, and the number “$500 million” was tossed around pretty extensively and occasionally incorrectly. While we’ll never get to know exactly what that money was spent on, one thing’s for certain — Bungie and Activision managed to get their hands on some pretty high-profile Actors for cameos. However, have you ever wondered what Eris Morn really looks behind the mask?

Today we’re taking a look at the five voice actors sexier than their Destiny characters!

5. Arach Jalaal – Peter Stormare

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This one’s pretty easy. Arach Jalaal is the greasy, emo-looking guy who spends all his time standing and brooding in a puddle in the Tower’s Hangar as he attempts to entice people to Dead Orbit. His voice actor, Peter Stormare, is the Swedish badass best known for his roles in Fargo, The Big Lebowski, and for playing Satan in 2005’s Constantine.

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Not only does he manage to out-Goth his own character with that last one, he looks a damn sight better while doing it with his quiet, intense stare and suppressed energy. A man of many talents, he’s able to play multiple nationalities from German to Norwegian, and now he can boast that he’s played a blue-gray, moody space alien. Truly a versatile actor!


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