5 WTF Destiny Glitches You Need to See

Fly to Saturn, scam the Cryptarch, and fight the scariest enemy in Destiny history with these five glitches.

Destiny is one of the most polished console shooters to date, with buttery smooth controls and intricate, explorable environments. However, that does not mean it is without a few imperfections. Destiny has plenty of giltches that range from silly fun to game breaking bugs, and we managed to narrow it down to 5 our favorites. Here are the 5 best glitches in the history of Destiny.

5. The Tower Vault

Those darn Tower Vaults, forever teasing us with their perfectly flat tops that are begging to be stood on. Year One Guardians hopped and explored all over the Tower, the Postmaster’s Building and even the Gunsmith’s Tree were not too high to climb. However, the top of the Vault was the ultimate peak.

Some clever Guardians figured out a way to use the bouncy ball to get up top, we can only assume they have a background in puzzle platforming.

Remember how the Year One bouncy ball didn’t even glow? Oh how far we’ve come!

Anyway, those of us who quit halfway through Super Meat Boy or 1001 Spikes can still glitch their way to a beautiful view. Watch as our very own Greg Pain magically flies to the highest point of the Tower:

4. The Cabal Ship

Have you ever wanted to be George Clooney in Gravity, but without the dying part? Our next glitch will give you that chance! Pyro Gaming figured out that the Cabal ship can be jumped on, and it will give you a ride to the deepest corners of the Destiny solar system

Using this glitch, a player can leave the Dreadnaught entirely and get an upclose view of the wonderful Saturn skybox. Say hi to the Queen if you see her, Mara Sov may be out there.

3. Atheon

The Vault of Glass was the one of the hardest tasks in gaming when it first launched, it took pro fireteams hours and hours to complete. Of course, they were doing it before people figured out that Atheon is clumsier than all three of the Stooges put together. A couple well placed grenades would turn what was supposed to be an intense boss fight into a comedy act. Fast forward to the 3:20 mark to see Atheon purchase a one way ticket on the Embarrassment Train.

This glitch effectively ruined the hard raid, imagine if Freddy Kreuger slipped on a banana peel or Jaws accidentally beached itself.

If you thought Atheon was game breaking, wait til you see number two on our list!


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