Destiny: Trials of Osiris Map – Asylum Tips and Tricks Guide

Everything you need to know about this week’s Trials of Osiris map, Asylum! 

Loved by some, despised by others, Asylum is mostly about close to mid-range combat, with reduced sightlines and multiple routes to get around. About as close to symmetrical as most Destiny maps get, you’ll find Asylum’s combat to be pretty well-balanced. Expect grenades, Shotguns, Hand Cannons, and mid-range snipers to excel on this map. However, before we get to the weapons, let’s have a look at the map itself.


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As we said, the Trials of Osiris Asylum map is pretty symmetrical, doing the standard Destiny thing of dividing into three solid, distinct zones for combat. Borrowing handily from Reddit user OrionTheTitan’s overhead callout map, take a quick look at Asylums locations including B Stairs in the upper area, Jungle down in the map’s center, and Atrium occupying the lower ground. Each of these locations have their own strengths and weaknesses, and support different styles of play across various different levels, so you’re going to want to try to play to your strengths whenever possible. Starting with B Stairs, it’s important to note straightaway that combat here can take place on two different levels.

The upper Balcony areas are traditionally a common combat area where Snipers fire from the two balconies and their accompanying hallways. Cover is actually quite sparse here if you were planning to make a push, but it’s a solid area if you were planning to dig in and entrench. Just beware that it’s easy to be flanked through the Basement, so expect enemies to jump up behind you onto Balcony, and next to the Ticket Booth if they’re the type to get the drop on you. Pay special attention to the top of B Stairs if the match is dragging on, as this is where the Overtime zone spawns. While there is some cover here, and it’s nice to have a wall at your back, there are several possible locations your opponent can come from, so keep vigilant!

Moving down into the more dense Jungle area, complemented by Café and Parking at opposite ends, the first thing to note is that there is much more of an abundance of cover here. This means that sightlines are further reduced, but flanking becomes much easier – however, do not underestimate a good Sniper’s ability to dome you as you zip through. Expect a lot of combat here to be dominated by grenades and pushes. Despite this, it’s not often a high-traffic area as it often leaves you exposed on the flanks able to be shot from Balcony above, Atrium below, and flanked heavily through the A and C Control point locations.

Honestly, unless you’re just passing through, this isn’t a great area in general, and if you really want to flank, pass through Jungle to either Basement or Atrium rather than using Jungle itself. Finally, we get to Atrium, the low side of the Asylum. Atrium is also typically less travelled, and can be a great flanking route if you’re quick and have a distraction. With very little by way of solid cover in the main room, combat often takes place around the A and C hallways, if it happens at all. The issue here is that you can be sniped off relatively easily from Balcony if you’re not vigilant, so passing through quickly is advised, provided it’s not the Heavy Ammo round, in which case expect to have to duke it out if you and your opponents have both run to the Atrium Heavy spawn.

Asylum Weapons Breakdown

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Close Quarters

These days, Primary weapons aren’t what they used to be in Destiny’s Crucible, so if you’re the type of person who loves to get up close, we advise having a Shotgun with a decent roll instead. Be especially mindful of the Universal Remote, which has had a new super-powered lease on life. If you’re really determined to round out your close-range arsenal, The Last Word is still solid, but any high-impact Hand Cannon should do the trick.

While they’re not the best, keep an eye out for Auto Rifles. While they may lack in power these days, they can still chew you up in a big way if you’re caught unaware. If you want to run a close quarters setup, then early flanks and rushes are your friend. Going through Basement is always an option, but if you have teammates running interference, going the long way through Atrium to come up behind opponents can really work. Don’t be afraid to jump levels either if you’re playing around B Stairs. Mobility is key in close-quarters.


Not quite the dominant territory it once was, mid-range is instead dominated mostly by twitch-reflex Snipers more than anything, yet mid-range in 90% of what Asylum is. Scout Rifles and high-impact Pulse Rifles can easily remain competitive here, so keep them in mind. Most mid-range combat will likely take place in and around B Stairs, with players peeking from the entranceways at the sides. If this is the case, be especially vigilant of Snipers, as the one-shot kill is king here. Keep in mind that

Keep in mind that other mid-range combat can take place in the Atrium, although it is less common by far and usually devolves into Shotgunners jumping around each other. Other mid-range zones include the central areas of Jungle, but due to the exposed nature here, we don’t advise it. Just keep mindful of Pulse Rifles and the like, or use them yourself in the right places, and you should be fine.

Long Range

Virtually nonexistent on Asylum, the Long Range is nonetheless occupied by Snipers and Scout Rifles. The best way to play Sniper when it comes to Asylum if you want some range would be to rush to Café/Parking to try to snipe any opponent rushers through cover. Other than this, most sightlines remain particularly broken, and both Sniper and Scout Rifles stay at mid-range. However, if your team successfully holds B Stairs and Balcony (such as in a Heavy Ammo round, or pre-Overtime), positioning a Sniper around the Ticket Booth can nail opponents down in Atrium and really provide a boost to the team. Good luck out there, Guardians! Hopefully we’ll see you at the Lighthouse.

Asylum map courtesy of /u/OrionTheTitan on Reddit.

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