Gunsmith Armsday Field Test Weapon Guide - July 27th

Here’s how to easily complete the Gunsmith’s Field Test Weapons for the week of July 27th. 

The majority of this week’s Field Test Weapons can be completed in Patrol or Story mode, with only one weapon, the Hakke Test-A Pulse Rifle, requiring Crucible play.

Suros TSA-10 Auto Rifle

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Make precision kills to gather data for the Suros research department.

The Suros TSA-10 Auto Rifle can be completed in Destiny’s Crucible or Patrol. However, your best option is to complete it in Siege of the Warmind thanks to the numerous low-health Thrall that run in a straight line.

Hakke Test-A Hand Cannon

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Make double-kills with this weapon to gather data for Hakke’s armament scientists.

Crucible or Patrol is also applicable to the Hakke Test-A Hand Cannon, though with the state of Hand Cannons at the moment in Crucible, you’re better off completing this Field Test in Patrol.

Omolon Test HC1 Hand Cannon

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Make precision shots to gather data for Omolon’s weapons developers.

Similar to the first Field Test Weapon, the Omolon Test HC1 Hand Cannon requires precision shots as opposed to kills. Essentially, load up any Destiny mission and land numerous critical hits to complete this Test Weapon.

Hakke Test-A Pulse Rifle

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Use in the Crucible to gather data for Hakke’s armament scientists.

The Hakke Test-A Pulse Rifle is the only Field Test Weapon that requires Crucible play. Due to it not being an overly competitive weapon, try to soften your target with a grenade or melee before finishing them off with this Pulse Rifle.

Suros TSP-10 Pulse Rifle

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Use against Hive targets to gather field data for the Suros research department.

The last Field Test Weapon this week, the Suros TSP-10 Pulse Rifle, requires Hive kills to complete. Load up any area with plenty of Hive, like the Siege of the Warmind, and get kills until it’s completed.

If you followed this guide you should now have completed all of Destiny’s Gunsmith Armsday Field Test Weapons for the week of July 27th and earned yourself 1250XP toward your Gunsmith rank.

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