Weekly Nightfall Strike Guide - Dust Palace

Everything you need to know to beat the Psion Flayers in this week’s Nightfall Strike.

If you’ve ever feared, or sighed in frustration, at the presence of the Psion Flayers, we have good news. We’re here to give you a rundown of this week’s Nightfall Modifiers including what to look out for, and what the best practices are when these Modifiers are active. Most importantly, we’ll be breaking down how you can ascend the Dust Palace and kick those Psion Flayers to the curb, both with style and efficiency. Let’s get to it – the Psion Flayers are waiting!


  • Heavily shielded and highly aggressive enemies appear in greater numbers.

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This is the Modifier present on every Nightfall strike, and while it sounds pretty terrifying at a quick glance, it’s actually pretty tame. All you need to know is that there will be a lot more enemies than the standard Strike variant, and they’ll have much stronger shields. Which means that typically the best way to deal with them is match the output of your weapons to the shield of the enemy you’re fighting (Void to Void, Arc to Arc, Solar to Solar).

This will help you tear down their shields faster, and is something you definitely need to keep in mind when facing the Psion Flayers themselves, as they represent each of the three elemental outputs in Destiny, and are shielded accordingly. Of course, with Void Burn being active, you could just try brute-forcing your way through shields using Void, but that’s definitely not best practice.

Void Burn

  • Void damage from any source is greatly increased.

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It’s (almost) always a good time when an elemental Burn is active. This week we’re going up against the Psion Flayers with Void damage ready to go. As a result, you want to make sure you have your Void subclasses equipped, and a hefty array of Void weaponry (just make sure to have some other elemental weapons on standby for enemy shields). It’s important to point out that not only do you do more Void damage, so do your enemies.

Be especially wary if you get variants of the Strike which contain a lot of Vex, as their Minotaurs and Cyclops’ do tons of Void damage. Of course, it’s also worth noting that one of the Psion Flayers themselves deals Void damage, so keep an eye out and try not to get caught off-guard. Thankfully, virtually every other enemy in the Psion Flayers fight deals Solar damage, so the trash mobs aren’t quite so worrying.


  • Guardian melee damage is greatly increased.

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This time around, only Guardians are affected. Much like the Lightswitch Modifier, but in reverse, your Guardian’s melee damage will be vastly increased.

Pro Tip: Combine this with a Void subclass to deal some pretty huge melee damage. While Brawler can be a lot of fun, we definitely do not recommend running up and punching a Psion Flayer in the face.

Brawler should ideally only be used as a last resort – remember, you are in a Nightfall Strike. You really don’t want to be throwing yourself into the thick of things, fist swinging, where you’ll leave yourself horribly exposed to fire on all fronts and will then potentially get your allies killed when they come to your rescue. Instead, make the most of it if you get pressured too hard to clear some space.


  • Player take more damage while airborne.

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Quite possibly one of the worst modifiers to ever be introduced in Destiny, we literally cannot fathom who considered the idea of hampering a player’s movement a good idea in a game where we’re given jet boosters, triple jumps, and the ability to teleport straight up. It’s literally maddening. Minor rant aside, Grounded truly is horrible in this Strike. There are several skirmishes that take place in areas with multiple levels, and as such, your natural inclination if you’re getting punished will be to jump somewhere else. 

However, with Grounded active, this is great way to quickly get yourself killed. There really isn’t much counter to Grounded besides just keeping it in mind. Try to make the most of cover, and be wary of the ridiculous accuracy some enemies seem to have. In the Psion Flayers fight, be especially mindful of Grounded, as it’s easy to get quickly surrounded and start considering the skies as a way out, only to get shredded instead.

Iron Clad

  • More enemies have shields.

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Iron Clad is one of the rarer Modifiers to come up, which we’re certainly thankful for, as it can be absolute chaos. As it says, more enemies have shields. If you’re finding it difficult to wrap your head around what we’re talking about here, this means enemies that typically wouldn’t have a shield suddenly do have shields: Goblins, Hobgoblins, Legionaries, Phalanxes, etc. Provided you’re well-equipped, this shouldn’t be too much hassle, but it will make many of the encounters in this Nightfall drag on a lot longer.

On top of that, the trash mobs in the Psion Flayers fight just became even more dangerous. We advise making even more use of cover, particularly in the Psion Flayers fight. If you have a Voidwalker Warlock with Bloom equipped, they can help chain kills together to reach more targets, but be warned that you may still have trouble breaking through all those shields.

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