Top 5 Destiny Ships

Flying high, we rank our top five ships so far in Bungie’s Destiny. 

For Guardians, there are only two methods of transportation that matter; our Sparrow, for when you touchdown on a planet and need to get from point A to point B quickly, and our Ships, for when you need to get off-world in a hurry. While players have been itching for a bit of ship-to-ship combat, for now we’re stuck with Destiny’s ships being nothing more than a glorified loading screen. However, that doesn’t mean there isn’t bragging rights and prestige in getting the coolest, most difficult to obtain ships in Destiny.

Below, we’ve ranked our top five favorite Destiny ships!

5. Agonarch Karve

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In order to get hold of this unique (if somewhat disgusting) looking ship, you’ll need to beat Oryx on Challenge Mode. That alone is enough to land it a solid spot here on our top five due to the relative difficulty to obtain the Agonarch Karve. Furthermore, its distinctive appearance makes it difficult not to admire, even if it does creep us out a little. For being a hard to obtain, special snowflake, the Agonarch Karve takes the first spot on our breakdown. 


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