Radiant Dance Machines Armor Review, Perks and Build Guide

Everything you need to know about the Exotic Hunter Leg Armor, the Radiant Dance Machines.

Who wouldn’t want to be a one-man walking rave? That’s the question you need to ask yourself when you’re considering buying the Radiant Dance Machines. This green-glowing Exotic leg armor for Hunters is up for grabs from Xur this weekend, and we’re here to help you work out whether the Radiant Dance Machines are a fashion faux-pas or the life of the party.

Radiant Dance Machines Stats

Evenly matched across the board here, you’ll instead be relying on the perk outcomes to change your weighting. You’re looking at:

  • Intellect – Min: 40 / Max: 79
  • Strength – Min: 40 / Max: 79
  • Discipline – Min: 40 / Max: 79

Any split is possible, but an Intellect/Strength split is most likely from a random drop due to the Perk weighting.

Radiant Dance Machines Perks

Selectable Perk 1 – Stat Increase

You will most likely be looking at a split for Intellect/Strength. You first perk option has a 2/3 chance of being Intellect, and the second has a 2/3 chance of Strength, so the weighting is pretty skewed here. Regardless, the perks are:

  • Increase Strength
  • Increase Discipline
  • Increase Intellect

Depending on your Hunter subclass, this weighting could actually be pretty handy.

Selectable Perk 2 – Ammo Carry Buff

As with all Leg Armor, we’re mostly about the ammo when it comes to the Radiant Dance Machines. This column of Perks will randomly assign you a pair of perks for either a Special Weapon ammo type, or for the second slot, a Heavy Ammo perk. Here’s what you’re getting:

Slot 1:

  • (Fusion Rifle/Shotgun/Sidearm/Sniper Rifle) Ammo – Increases the amount of (Fusion Rifle/Shotgun/Sidearm/Sniper Rifle) ammunition you can carry.

This is obviously totally down to preference. We usually consider Sniper Rifle ammo to be the best if you’re an avid PvE player, but for Crucible, you know what works for you and should hope accordingly.

Slot 2:

  • (Machine Gun/Rocket Launcher) Ammo – Increases the amount of (Machine Gun/Rocket Launcher) ammunition you can carry.

You can typically find a more solid use for either or Machine Gun or Rocket Launcher, so if you fail to get your desired Special Weapon ammo perk, you should be okay with this perk slot for either Crucible or PvE.

Selectable Perk 3 – Elemental Double-Down Perk

In an unusual turn of events, the Radiant Dance Machines actually let you take the pick of which “Double-Down” perk you’re getting, meaning it’s equally viable for all subclasses. As such, you get to choose between:

  • Arc Double-Down - Increased Agility to 5 seconds after an Arc double kill.
  • Solar Double-Down - Increased Agility to 5 seconds after a Solar double kill.
  • Void Double-Down - Increased Agility to 5 seconds after a Void double kill.

Pro-tip: Match your Special and Heavy weapons to whatever ouble-Down you’re using so trigger it more often.

Exotic Perk – The Dance 

  • You move more quickly while aiming your weapon.

A horrifically poor excuse for an Exotic perk, “The Dance” simply gives you a quicker movement speed while aiming down sights. The one thing to be thankful for here as that it stacks with other, similar perks, which is why you’ll frequently see Radiant Dance Machines paired with the MIDA Multi-Tool in order to maximize the best possible benefits to the perk. However, there’s nothing to cover up the fact that it is still decidedly lackluster.

The Last Word

The standard perks for the Radiant Dance Machines are actually what make it viable. The ammo perks are always useful (provided you get what you’re looking for, of course), and the boosts work well with the Hunter subclass. The issue here is that The Dance Exotic perk is just too underwhelming to really make it an attention-grabber.

Thankfully, what comes to the rescue here is the ability to freely switch and choose between each of the 3 elemental types for your Double-Down perk, giving the Radiant Dance Machines much more versatility. It’s for this reason alone that we’ll be giving the Radiant Dance Machines a score of 3/5 Engrams!

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