Destiny: Rise of Iron

Everything you need to know about the upcoming Year Three DLC expansion, Rise of Iron.

Rise or Iron is set to kick off Year Three of Destiny, and DestinyDB will keep you up to date on all the latest Rise of Iron weapons, armor sets, news, and guides leading up to the Rise of Iron release date on September 20th. We will show you how to survive in the Plaguelands, battle your way up the ranks of the Iron Lords, and the best way to fight off the SIVA threat in the new Wrath of the Machine Raid. 

The Rise of Iron hub is a work in progress, it will be continually updated.

Destiny: Rise of Iron Features

What to Do First in Rise of Iron

Mentally prepare yourself for September 20th.

What We Know About Destiny: Rise of Iron

We round up all the new info for you.

Rise of Iron Images

Take a look at the new art Bungie has released for Rise of Iron.

Rise of Iron Live Stream Teases New Cosmodrome Area

Destiny’s Cosmodrome won’t quite be as you remember it in the new Rise of Iron expansion.

5 Things to do Before Rise of Iron Launches

Make sure you're ready for September!

How Progression Will Work in Rise of Iron

Light Levels are going way up.

Rise of Iron Post-Launch Support

Here is what to expect over the Winter and Spring of Rise of Iron.

Rise of Iron Social Space Revealed

Tour Fellwinter's Peak, the new social space in Rise of Iron.

Will We Get More Vault Space in Rise of Iron?

More new weapons means less storage space!

Destiny: Rise of Iron Armor

New Artifacts in Rise of Iron

The Artifact system is getting a complete overhaul in September.

New Armor In Destiny's Rise Of Iron

Check out the first art for the new armor sets in Rise of Iron!

Redditors Want To Use Classic Iron Banner Sets In Rise of Iron

Wil we see old Banner armor sets?

Bungie Teases New Rise off Iron Hunter Armor

The new Hunter gear looks amazing!

Destiny: Rise of Iron Artifact Guide

Get to know the 8 new Artifacts in Destiny: Rise of Iron.

Destiny: Rise of Iron Crucible

What is the Rise of Iron's New Crucible Mode?

What will Lord Saladin have for us on September 20th?

Finger-Wag Emote Coming To Rise of Iron

Get your Mutombo on in the crucible when Rise of Iron launches.

Four New Maps Revealed for Rise of Iron

Take a look at the new Crucible maps shipping with Rise of Iron.

Destiny: Rise of Iron Weapons

Five Melee Weapons We Want In Rise of Iron

Surely there will be a new sword, right?

Khvostov 7G-02 to Return as Exotic

The Khvostov is back in Rise of Iron, and looks to be the most versatile Destiny weapon to date.

Will Year Two Weapons Work in Rise of Iron?

Can you bring your favorite Legendary to the Plaguelands?

7 New Exotics We Want In Rise of Iron

Surely these exotic weapons from the database will debut with Rise of Iron.

Nemesis Star Overview

This exotic heavy machine gun has a great design, but will it be functional?

Rise of Iron: Wrath of the Machine Raid

Destiny's New Raid Gets a Name

We know what Rise of Iron's Raid will be called!

Bungie Details New SIVA Faction

Get to know the main enemy of Rise of Iron.

How Will Wrath of the Machine Be Different?

There are some significant changes coming to the Rise of Iron Raid.

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