What Can We Expect From Rise of Iron's Raid?

Journey deep into the Plaguelands to defeat SIVA in Destiny’s Rise of Iron.

Destiny’s Raids are the most challenging content for PvE. They’re arguably the most social content in the game, bringing together six brave Guardians to fight against a great evil. Guardians have faced Atheon, Crota, Oryx, and when Rise of Iron releases, Guardians will confront the most difficult enemy in Destiny to date — SIVA. But what will Rise of Iron’s Raid be like? Will it be short and snappy, like the Indiana Jones-esque Crota’s End? Or will it be more of a masterpiece of exploration and wonder like Vault of Glass?

Destiny Raids

Crota’s End seemed like it was a failed experiment of sorts. The short raid featured only two bosses, the Deathsinger, and Crota himself. It wasn’t received as well as the other two raids, and players preferred the run through Destiny’s Vault of Glass despite it being a much longer activity. For that reason, it’s doubtful that Rise of Iron’s raid will follow the same format. In fact, Rise of Iron’s Raid may be the first raid to not end in the death of its main enemy.

SIVA is a technology that has been put into the hands of Devil Splicers. Obviously, SIVA has fallen (pardon the pun) into the wrong hands. Could we re-attune SIVA to become a warrior of the Light? Reprogramming SIVA using all six Ghosts could lead to a new Golden Age for humanity. This would also give explanations as to why Guardians are wearing and wielding SIVA-themed armor and weapons! We won’t know for sure until Rise of Iron launches on September 20th, but if SIVA is truly self-replicating, how can we ever destroy it for good?

Icebreaker Phase

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Destiny’s Raids all have a common starting sequence in that they all have an icebreaker activity. No, not an activity that requires an Icebreaker, but an activity that will relax the nerves a bit, and form bonds within the fireteam. Vault of Glass had the spire forming ritual, Crota’s End had the Abyss run, and King’s Fall had the Easter Egg hunt to find the relics to open the portal to Oryx’s Throne World.

None of these encounters are particularly punishing, so long as you have good communication and rapport with your fellow Guardians. It’s hard to imagine that Bungie wouldn’t have a relatively easy first encounter in Rise of Iron’s Raid. These kinds of encounters are pivotal in building up a bit of momentum and acting as a challenge to the fireteam, asking the question “are you sure you’re ready for this?” If your team is good enough, the answer is yes.

Platforming Phase

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Players either love or hate Destiny’s platforming. The Vault of Glass and King’s Fall raids each had some classic platforming puzzles to solve (piston wall, anyone?), and these sections are generally extremely well received by the community. From the looks of the pictures we’ve seen so far, there will be some platforming elements to Rise of Iron’s Raid. Above is a screenshot from the reveal trailer, showing all 6 Guardians jumping down into the depths of the Plaguelands to ultimately destroy SIVA. 

Boss Phases

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Raids in Destiny have a plethora of bosses to eliminate before you can face the final enemy. With Rise of Iron, it will be no different. The bosses will be primarily Fallen in nature, with some spectacular feats of engineering undertaken by the Devil Splicers playing a big role. A particularly fierce example is shown below.

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King’s Fall has Warpriest, Golgoroth, and Daughters of Oryx before the main event, and each boss has intricate mechanics. King’s Fall was a raid that rivalled Vault of Glass in terms of beauty and complexity, will Rise of Iron’s Raid do the same? There’s a lot of potential for interesting boss fights in Rise of Iron, especially with the SIVA-augmented Devil Splicer’s new fighting tactics. 

Final Boss

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The Final Boss battles in any Destiny Raid are possible the most memorable moments in a Destiny player’s history. Everyone remembers seeing a gargantuan Oryx looming over their fireteam for the first time. Everyone knows the euphoria of finally watching Atheon crumble to dust, or seeing Crota slain by his own sword.

We have no doubt that Rise of Iron’s final boss will be no different. Could this be the first raid in Destiny to have cutscenes? Maybe we don’t find who is hosting the SIVA virus until the final stage of the raid? Perhaps Lord Saladin will be fighting alongside us for the very first time in Destiny. No one knows what the future holds for Guardians, but we know that we can’t wait to find out for sure!

Although players will have to wait until September 20th to explore Destiny's new Rise of Iron expansion, players can look forward to learning more about Rise of Iron during this year's Gamescom event. To prepare for Rise of Iron's new raid, make sure you get your hands on the best crucible and vanguard weapons in Destiny! While Iron Banner is active, why not check out the perk rolls on the Weyloran’s March that Lord Shaxx has up for sale.

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