Destiny's Challenge of the Elders: Week 15 Guide

This guide will show you how to hit the High Score in Challenge of the Elders Week 15.

What is Challenge of the Elders?

Challenge of the Elders is a Level 42 activity with a recommended Guardian Light Level of 320 set in the Prison of Elders over three rounds, facing three different bosses, with three different modifiers. Earn points by killing enemies to try and hit the High Score in a single run; doing so earns you a weapon with Light up to 335. Don’t stop there, because if you manage to hit a Cumulative Score of 90,000 before the end of the week, you will earn yourself a piece of armor up to Light 335.

Challenge of the Elders Week 15

The modifiers for this week’s Challenge of the Elders are:

  • Melee Kill Bonus
  • Juggler
  • Exposure

The bosses this week are:

  • Noru’usk, Servant of Oryx
  • Keksis, the Betrayed
  • Sylok, the Defiled

Melee kills earn you extra points this week, but be careful because Exposure means your shields won’t be recharging. It’s also the first all-Taken boss line-up so be sure to get those Taken-specific Artifacts for bonus Orb of Light generation!

Recommended Builds and Playstyle

Melee weeks are one of the more difficult weeks in Destiny’s Challenge of the Elders and unfortunately, one of the least rewarding due to the low point value of a melee kill. However, one way to overcome this problem is to simply play as a Striker Titan. Striker Titans rule the roost in this week’s Challenge of the Elders, so playing as such will help you have a better experience overall. When playing as the Striker Titan, make sure you have Overload selected as each hit with Storm Fist has a chance to immediately reset its cooldown.

The other perk to keep activated is Transfusion: Kills with Storm Fist or Shoulder Charge to immediately trigger health regeneration. By using these two perks you should find yourself with a Storm Fist up frequently, and if your health is low, Transfusion will heal you up. Gunslinger Hunters are also useful on Melee weeks thanks to their Throwing Knife ability. Simply soften up a target with your weapon, then land a Precision Kill with a throwing knife. As long as you have the Knife Juggler perk activated, you will immediately reset its cooldown.

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Warlocks, despite having a strong melee, lack the synergy needed to keep the score increasing quickly. If you must play as a Warlock, consider using the Sunsinger subclass with Brimstone and Sunburst perks activated as these will cause enemies to explode and generate an Orb of Light. Grab your Monte Carlo because that auto rifle is perfect for Melee weeks as its Exotic perk helps recharge your melee ability. Simply land a bullet and it will knock a second off the recharge time, or kill an enemy for a chance to completely recharge your melee. The best method, if you find yourself without a charged melee, is to land a few rounds on the boss to help speed up the cooldown.

Artifacts play an important role in Challenge of the Elders thanks to their ability to spawn extra Orbs of Light. Depending on your class, try and acquire the appropriate Artifact that has the perk: Melees have a chance to generate an Orb when killing a Taken enemy. These Artifacts have never been more useful than this week as it is an all-Taken arena. Seeing as how Titans are the best choice for melee weeks, the Artifact you will want is the Scroll of Eimin-Tin that can be found within the King’s Fall raid.

To maximize your scoring potential, you should instruct the other two players in your Fireteam to focus on scoring assists. A body shot from a low-impact weapon like an auto rifle or sidearm is enough to secure extra points, and will help you reach the High Score in this week’s Challenge of the Elders.

How to beat Noru’usk, Servant of Oryx

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Noru’usk, Servant of Oryx is the first boss this week and takes place in the Cabal arena. Noru’usk is ultimately the easiest of all eight potential bosses as it lacks any special abilities. All you have to do to is deal damage and dodge the primary fire. In terms of positioning, head to the left side of the arena, most of the enemies will be drawn up the hill toward you for easy pickings.

How to beat Keksis, the Betrayed

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Keksis, the Betrayed is the second boss in this week’s Challenge of the Elders and takes place in the huge Fallen arena. The best game plan for this map is to keep moving. You may find yourself shifting between the right-hand shelf, the left stairs, and the center quite often in this round.

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Keksis the Betrayed is one of the most difficult bosses thanks to his repertoire of attacks. Not only does it have the Fallen Blinding Orbs, but it can also summon a Corrupted Light that when left alone will drain your Super and suppress you. Take the time to find these Corrupted Lights and stand in their radius to disarm them.

How to beat Sylok, the Defiled

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Sylok, the Defiled is the final boss in this week’s Challenge of the Elders and takes place in the Hive arena. Be sure to stay at the entrance of the arena to avoid the majority of Sylok’s napalm attack. However, if you are using an Angel of Mercy perk on a piece of armor, the napalm can be useful for quickly killing yourself for a Revive. If you followed the guide, you should now find yourself well over the High Score threshold for Challenge of the Elders Week 15 and on your way to the Cumulative Score!

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