What New PvP Modes Will Destiny's Rise of Iron Have?

Which new PvP modes for Destiny’s Crucible can we expect to see with the release of Rise of Iron?

With Destiny's House of Wolves expansion came Trials of Osiris, and with The Taken King we got the Rift and Mayhem playlists. Lord Shaxx’s Crucible has been expanding its repertoire of PvP modes for quite some time now, and Destiny's Rise of Iron expansion will be no different. The obvious link between Rise of Iron and PvP is of course the Iron Banner event hosted by none other than the only remaining Iron Lord himself, Lord Saladin.

In the reveal trailer for Rise of Iron, Bungie announced that we would be getting a brand new Crucible mode, along with some new maps as well. It's fairly obvious that the new maps will most likely be Earth-centric, with the Plaguelands location featured heavily. But what could Rise of Iron's new game mode be? Considering that Bungie dropped support for previous generation consoles (Xbox 360 and PS3), could we be seeing something a bit more adventurous?

Here are some popular game mode concepts that we might be seeing in Rise of Iron!

New Functionality

This isn’t explicitly a new mode, however there have been rumors that Bungie may be adding in a Theatre mode, allowing you to both spectate your previous games using free cameras and also record your gameplay. This would definitely be an awesome addition, especially for content creators!

Coupled with the potential addition of a Theatre mode, could the current generation of consoles finally allow Bungie to add in a private lobby feature to Destiny’s Crucible when Rise of Iron launches? It would definitely help Destiny become a legitimate eSport, and would boost Bungie's favor amongst their fans. With those two little “food for thought” suggestions out of the way, let’s see what new mode we could be getting when Rise of Iron hits!


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The Taken King seemed like the perfect time to add in an Infection-type game mode. One Guardian could be temporarily taken and gain special abilities while the remaining Guardians had to hunt the Taken Guardian down. However, as the lore explains, Guardians can’t actually be Taken, as we are protected by our Light. Anyway, with SIVA being the new enemy in Rise of Iron, a Guardian could become augmented with SIVA technology as the Fallen have been doing, granting new abilities which would be unique to the playlist. This Augmented Guardian would then be hunted down by the remaining Guardians. 

This game mode may be easier to tie in with RIse of Iron lore-wise, as the playlist could be training for Guardians before completing Rise of Iron’s new Raid, similar to how Iron Banner was a preparatory ritual for Rise of Iron itself. To me, Augmented (as I’ve named it) seems extremely likely. It’s a fan favorite in other big FPS titles such as Call of Duty, and it would add something fresh and different to the Destiny experience.

Exotic Mayhem Mode

This has been suggested so many times that it would be an absolute crime to exclude it from a list of potential PvP modes in Rise of Iron. Essentially this would be a variant or addition to the rules of Mayhem. It’s a simple enough idea, equip as many exotics as you would like, then run around and kill people on the opposing teams. Not only would this open up the door for many more fashion combinations, but it’d just be great fun. Imagine having your Jade Rabbit (sorry Xbox users) equipped, along with Patience and Time, and Truth as your heavy!

People often argue against this idea stating that it would be too easy to allow this to flow into other playlists via bugs or glitches. Bungie have the rule in place in every other playlist, so it’s hard to imagine this being a problem. Another point against the addition of this game mode or variant of mayhem is that the Lore prevents Guardians from equipping more than one Exotic at a time from each category (weapons and armor). However, lore has been bent to allow the use of Exotic class items, as well as Mayhem itself… the Crucible doesn’t seem to follow the usual rules. Overall I don’t think this is too likely, it’s probably a bit too far for Bungie to stretch outside of the lore of the game – however it’s a cool possibility and maybe it could be an option for custom games/private lobbies only?

Multi-Team Playlists

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2v2v2 or 3v3v3 game modes would be great fun to participate in. They have the added pressure of always being outnumbered, and it would get really fun in Elimination. However, the addition of these playlists would depend on whether or not Bungie could work out the spawning systems for each team on all maps (or the maps added in with Rise of Iron).

Relic Control

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The idea behind a Relic Control game mode is similar in nature to tag game modes. It would be a solo playlist, meaning no teams at all. A relic (either a Sword of Crota, Scorch Cannon, or Flaming Axe) would spawn in the center of the map, and whoever picks up the Relic first gets buffs like increased health/movement speed (Broken Heart buff of Crimson Doubles), as well as being able to use the Relic they picked up. Points would be gained for controlling the Relic over time, and the winner is whoever has held the relic for the longest time at the end of the game.

The chosen Relic for each map could either be randomized, or predetermined depending on which map that is active. Each Relic would have different buffs to them, so it would take a long time to become proficient with each. Taking down other players without the Relic would not grant any points, although it may help you to regain the Relic should you lose it! I think this one could be really fun, so long as teams aren't allowed to enter into the playlist and camp at the back of the map. It would be a great way to reintroduce the previous Relics, as well as providing an incentive to play in order to get the chance to wield the Flaming Axe introduced in Rise of Iron against other players! 

Have you completed Destiny's Moments of Triumph yet? If not, be sure to check out our complete Destiny Moments of Triumph Year 2 guide. Another great addition to Destiny's Crucible would be this Redditor's suggestion to have advanced notice of upcoming Crucible matches. What do you think? Perhaps this Redditor's suggestion to have Trials of Osiris split into two separate playlists is a more viable idea? Some players certainly think so! 

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