Destiny's Light Beyond Nemesis Exotic Armor Review: Perks and Build Guide

Everything you need to know about Destiny’s Exotic Warlock Helmet, the Light Beyond Nemesis.

Making up the trio of “Revive Exotics” involving the twin Crest of Alpha Lupi for Titans and Hunters, the Light Beyond Nemesis is the missing piece of the puzzle. Operating in pretty much the exact same way, the Light Beyond Nemesis eschews the form of a Chest piece to instead act as a helmet for the Warlock class. Able to be used effectively by any subclass, the Light Beyond Nemesis is as versatile as it is weird looking. However, aesthetics aren’t everything, so let’s get down to business.

Light Beyond Nemesis Stats

Leaning towards Intellect here, the Light Beyond Nemesis is all about the Super energy, with Strength and Discipline taking something of a backseat:

  • Intellect – Min: 33 / Max: 106
  • Strength – Min: 33 / Max: 67
  • Discipline – Min: 33 / Max: 67

With things leaning more towards Intellect, the weighting is against the other two stats, even when it comes to perk boosts.

Light Beyond Nemesis Perks

Selectable Perk 1 – Stat Increase

Things are still leaning towards Intellect’s favor here, with the first bubble taking up 2/3 Intellect chance (with Strength coming in 1/3), and the second slot having an equal weighting all around for the three. These are the available perks:

  • Increase Strength
  • Increase Discipline
  • Increase Intellect

It’s highly likely your Light Beyond Nemesis will have an Intellect buff, but as for the second chance, things are virtually even for Strength and Discipline.

Selectable Perk 2 – Super Energy Buff Perk

Nothing unusual, you’ll be looking at the standard array of Destiny Exotic Helmet selectable Super perks here:

Slot 1:

  • Inverse Shadow – Increased Super energy gained from killing minions of the Darkness.
  • Ashes to Assets – Gain bonus Super energy on Grenade kills.
  • Hands-on – Gain bonus Super Energy from melee kills on minions of the Darkness.

As always, Inverse Shadow is our favorite here, as it gives you a lot more versatility in your murdering of Darkness minions. However, RNG is RNG, so you can’t bet on anything. Instead, try to tailor your playstyle to what you roll, rather than the other way around.

Slot 2:

  • Second Thoughts – Gain bonus Super energy from Special Weapon kills on minions of the Darkness.
  • Heavy Lifting – Gain bonus Super energy from Heavy Weapon kills on minions of the Darkness.

For the second slot, we usually consider Second Thoughts to be the better option, as regardless of activity, you’re much more likely to get kills with your Special Weapon compared to your Heavy. However, Inverse Shadow is still the preference here.

Non-Selectable Perk – Orb of Light Buff

There are 4 possible outcomes for this final, non-selectable slot:

  • Innervation – Bonus grenade energy on Orb pickup.
  • Invigoration – Gain bonus melee energy on Ord pickups.
  • Better Already – Shields start recovery immediately after Orb pickup.
  • Infusion – Replenishes health each time you pick up an Ord of Light.

In many ways, this isn’t that important as it has its use in PvE rather than the Crucible. We tend to prefer Better Already and Infusion due to the health regeneration, but depending on your playstyle, you may feel differently, so hope for what is best for you.

Exotic Perk – Keeper of the Pack

  • Keeper of the Pack – Revive fallen teammates and be revived faster. Super generate an extra Orb.

Just like the Crest of Alpha Lupi Exotics, the Light Beyond Nemesis sports “Keeper of the Pack”. For some, this is considered something of an underwhelming perk, but they are likely not people who play a lot of 3v3 Crucible (including Trials of Osiris). For competitive Crucible play in playlists where revives are enabled, having at least one player with a Keeper of the Pack Exotic is recommended, and for Warlocks, this can be even more necessary, allowing for clutch self-res moves as a Sunsinger, or to act as a move supportive role with the other subclasses. Definitely something to consider if you’re planning to get involved in endgame activities.

The Last Word

Lacking anything spectacular or flashy, the Light beyond Nemesis is functional in the extreme, providing a solid service for any player who dons it. Likely you’ll find yourself playing a support role with the Light Beyond Nemesis, but that can often be perfect for both endgame PvE and PvP. Definitely a workhorse, we can’t help but be fans of the Light Beyond Nemesis and its Crest of Alpha Lupi counterparts. However, due to the like of anything to really make it “pop”, we’ll be giving the Light Beyond Nemesis a respectable 3/5 Exotic engrams!

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